Limitless Dance Studio

Meet Our Staff

Patryk was born in Chicago, Illinois and started training the style of Hip Hop at the age of 8 years old. His training started getting serious at the age of 13 when he then joined a company by the name of Xtreme Dance Center where his studies continued for the next 5 years. Patryk would soon be joined with the advanced team of the company going to nationals across the country like Vegas, Florida, Missouri competing some of their top routines of that season. After Patryk graduated from Xtreme in 2015, he grew as an independent artist taking class in the Chicago community and teaching at various studios around the suburban area. In 2017, Patryk made the decision to move out to North Hollywood, California for six months to get as much professional training as he could. He came back with the knowledge and training and further opened a dance studio to train youth in similar footsteps he has been trained under.

Hip Hop Instructor


Kayla Kuhajda was born and raised in Plainfield, IL. Kayla has pre-professionally competed in all styles of dance for 13 years in some of the top dance studios in the Mid-West. Kayla previously completed with The Dynasty and has performed in popular competitions such as World of Dance, Revolution and more. Kayla has taught all ages and styles and will be going to Columbia College Chicago to receive her B.A. in Dance.